google sniper reviewsIn discovering the world of Internet marketing, you find yourself facing a lot of options when it comes to products claiming that they can help you make money even at home.

Among these is Google Sniper. Owned by George Brown, Google Sniper is a program for those who want to venture into affiliate marketing. The idea is quite simple, when you go to ClickBank, you can just choose a product. Then you create your webpage and boost its ranking to get more potential visitors to get the selected product. Pretty straightforward, right?

Well, the devil is in the details, which is why the program consists of 25 training videos and e-book that teaches you how to go about the process. The prices vary depending on your preference.

If you wish to buy the course right away, you should pay $47. For five days trial, you have to pay $1 then a one-time fee of $67. It’s a great trial offer, and (unlike most “trials”) actually let’s you see exactly what you’ll be getting for the entire program. And, since Clickbank offers 60-day guarantees, it’s a dirt cheap, low-risk way to explore one of the most popular internet marketing trainings out there.

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google sniper 2.0 review scam or legit

My Google Sniper Review

Pros of Google Sniper

george brown google sniperSo, what are the benefits that you can get with Google Sniper? For one, it is not so expensive compare to other affiliate marketing programs requiring marketers to invest such huge amount.

With the program, you can learn many things that you need to know from exact match domains, increasing your site’s ranking and other tips that you can use to generate income.


On the other hand, Google Sniper has its share of weaknesses. For one, Google Sniper might not be that effective in a sense that we all know how strict Google’s algorithm is. With constant upgrading, the lessons offered by Google Sniper might end up being outdated in a few years.

Plus, some of the things that can be found in the program can definitely be searched on the Internet. It is as if the pieces of free information are just collated to come up with the lessons being offered in the program. Then again, that might be said of any training program online: you’re paying for the clear-cut, easy to follow course with definite steps to achieve success.

That’s what Sniper provides.

Final Conclusion: Is Google Sniper a Scam?

The question now, is it really for real? Yes…with a few caveats.

In some Google Sniper reviews, they would categorize it like a scam but since it still offers some essential information to users, it is not a 100% scam that simply aims to extract money from people.

I think that this is because the promises made in the promotional material are, perhaps, a little exaggerated. As anyone who’s done any internet marketing knows, it’s never as simple as point and click…which is what the sales page wants you to believe.

That said, the program has a lot of merit, and the video instruction is of really good quality, which definitely sets it a cut above the overwhelming majority of affiliate training programs that are available.

If I were you, I’d check out the $1 trial and skim through the course material. That way you can be super-confident that you’re getting what you want. This isn’t a route to overnight success, but then again, there is no real route to overnight success.

It IS a way to build a sustainable, long term business. So go ahead and give it a try…it’s just a buck.

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