success ranking keywordsI have some exciting news.

It’s exciting for me because its proof that my hard work over the last few months is really starting to pay off on a new project.

It’s exciting for you because you can replicate the exact method I used and build a successful site for yourself!

I built the site by following the courses at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Incredible Milestone

In just 6 months, I built a website from scratch and was able to rank the site across more than 1,200 keywords!

That means that my site now appears organically in Google for 1,200 terms, which is going to drive a ton of traffic for me in the coming months and years.

Not only that, but it means that I’m ranking for way more keywords than I’d planned, or even remotely thought about. That’s the incredible power of having good content: it will provide you with results you never dreamed of.

How I Ranked The Site

I always love seeing a new website begin to rank because it’s yet another example of how well a solid affiliate marketing strategy can work.

As I mentioned above, I built this site following step by step instructions provided by the Wealthy Affiliate training.

My revenue from the site has already more than covered the cost of the Wealthy Affiliate course, and I’m only a few months in. It’s a perfect example of how a proven, long term strategy will pay off.

If my past successes are any indicator, I’m just at the beginning of an exponential growth curve that will turn my site into a real, profitable business for many years to come.

The key to building a website with these results is simply to follow the method that others have discovered for you.

If you work step by step through the trainings, results will come.

Read more about the Wealthy Affiliate program here, or check out their free introductory course to get started.