online_money_making_empireA lot of people dream about earning massive passive income online, but few actually succeed.

This really surprises me because if you want to learn how to make money online the process is, well…simple.

All it takes is a little drive, commitment, and confidence when starting out, and you too can be on your way to some serious online income.

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How To Build An Online Money Making Empire

Step 1: Invest In Your Education

The first and most often overlooked step of building an online empire is to invest in your own education.

There are tons of great programs out there that can teach you different methods of making money online. If you choose a reputable course, you’ll be able to learn step by step how to set yourself up for success online.

My favorite course is Wealthy Affiliate, which not only has an awesome free introductory course, but hands down the best community for online entrepreneurs.

Step 2: Build A Single, Profitable Site

The second step is the key and this is where most people fail.

If you want to conquer an empire, you need to first conquer a single territory.

Too many people start out with a ‘portfolio-mindset.’ While this isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, the result is that for a beginner, you wind up getting distracted.

Focus on building one or two sites that turn a profit first. Then expand.

Your profit from these sites doesn’t have to be a lot. A few hundred dollars is enough. The point is simply to get to the point where you have an asset that is producing more money than you need to maintain it.

Step 3: Reinvest Your Earnings

Once you have a profitable site in place, turning that single website into an online empire is simply a matter of scale.

At this stage, most people take their earnings and spend them, either as a source of secondary income or to fund some ‘extra’ purchases like a new car or that trip to Rio next spring.

To make the leap from modest success to extreme success, you need to be prepared to buckle down and reinvest your earnings.

That’s how you make your first site pay for your second site. Then you can build 2 more, and 4 more, and…you get the picture.

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