Welcome to the 2nd part of How to Choose an Affiliate Niche. Be sure to read part 1 first if you haven’t already.

By this point you should have a short list of topics and some introductory research for each topic. Now it’s time to start narrowing down your choices and select your nicihe!

Step 3: Design Your Perfect User

Look at the initial research you’ve already done. The process of going through the first steps of research should start to give you and idea of what users are looking for within your topic.

Put yourself in the context of your prospective reader.  What problems is the reader trying to solve? How far along in the sales process is he?

If your user is early on in the sales cycle or looking for information that isn’t directly related to the products you found, it might be harder to make a sale and earn affiliate commissions.

Step 4: Browse Possible Domains

It’s important to consider your possible niche in relation to available domains. There are two ways to think about domain buying:

  1. Keyword Rich Domains are sites that target a specific long tail keyword. For example,  www.mexicotraveldeals.org is a site clearly targeting a long-tail domain in the travel industry.
  2. Brandable Domains are domains that are relevant to your topic, but have more potential for a solid, memorable brand than ranking directly for a search term. affiliate-101.com is one example of a branded domain.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of domain, and there’s no single right answer. Sometimes the decision has to be based on domain availability, and sometimes it can reflect a personal preference.

Step 5: Go With Your Gut

If you’ve made it this far you should understand (at a high level) what type of content a site in your topic would need. You should also be beginning to see a vision of how you can provide that information.

It is extremely important you choose the topic that resonates with you, given the information you’ve already found. Can you see yourself coming up with solid, high quality articles on this topic for months, or even years?

Don’t worry to much about the implementation details when you make the decision, because any niche can be profitable. Every topic has ample keywords you can start to rank for.

The most important thing is to make an informed choice that combines your interests with some sense of the market that already exists for the niche.

Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to start writing!

Action always beats inaction.