choose an affiliate training videoSo you’ve decided to become an affiliate marketer?

Congratulations! That’s the first major step in building a sustainable passive income stream, and just taking that step puts you light years ahead of most people.

Your next step is to find an affiliate training video that will show you the ropes. My personal recommendation is that you check out the free classes provided by Wealthy Affiliate,

In this post I’ll cover a few things for you to consider when choosing which video training you want to pursue.

Free Trial Or Discount Offer

First things first: most of the reputable programs out there offer either a free trial or extremely low cost introductory offer.

Wealthy Affiliate is free. Affilorama starts from just $1. They’re both excellent programs.

I think having this offer is important because its an indicator of the program’s transparency. Reputable businesses are more than willing to show you around their site and strut their stuff, while scams hide what’s behind the curtain until you pay your ticket price.

Show NOT Tell

Secondly, you’re going to want to consider the approach the instructor takes.

With affiliate marketing courses, I think it’s important for the videos to walk you through each step you need to take, preferably with a screenshare approach and a live example site.

Talking heads with nothing but a powerpoint might provide some interesting insights, but it’s not as effective in terms of getting your business off the ground.

When you’re starting out, you want a step by step approach.

Written Explanations

Even though the meat of the training you’re looking for is the video itself, the best programs will be able to provide you with written explanations of what’s included in each video.

This works great either as an outline/notes for the class or as full transcription.

While it might seem redundant now, these written components come in handy after you’ve watched the video once, and it’s time to go through and complete the action items for your own site.

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