how to convert affiliate links into high performing leadsAre you struggling to turn your niche site content into a recurring revenue stream for your blog?

There’s no question that the art of how to convert affiliate links takes time. It’s important to use your analytics information over to experiment and practice with what works best for your site. But that all takes time.

The good news is that with these simple techniques, you’ll be on your way to affiliate mastery as quickly as possible.


3 Tips to Convert Affiliate Links

  1. Evaluate your Link Placement. It may sound obvious, but many new marketers waste time and effort creating content that doesn’t appropriately link back to the site they’re trying to promote. While it’s bad practice to have the majority of your site linking out to a program, you can easily improve your revenue by making sure the affiliate links you do have are easy to find for your user, and occur in natural places on your site.
  2. Consider your Visitor Flow. Google’s visitor flow data is one of the best tools you could ask for as an internet marketer, since it lets you get into the mind of your visitor, and see how users are progressing through your site. You want to look for patterns in the data that let you walk the user through a natural process of finding information through purchasing a product. The more natural the flow for the user, the more likely they are to convert into a sale.
  3. Write Relevant Content. Many internet marketers start out with a well-defined niche when they’re first building their site, but wind up expanding into areas that aren’t really relevant to their products. Ideally, while only a small number of posts and pages should be targeted towards specific product links, your site as a whole should represent a wealth of information for users that might be searching for that product. Your goal as an affiliate is to draw a clear connection between the user’s search process and the sale. This is only accomplished through high quality, relevant material that keeps a user engaged with the site.

Take a few minutes to go back through your site and think about how you might apply these techniques to your content. Ultimately, affiliate conversion, like any online conversion, is going to be a process of experimentation, analysis, iteration, and optimization.

As you build your site, play around with incorporating links in different places on the page, and with leading a user around in different ways, including both inter-linking from your posts, and adjusting your global navigation to support the overall goals of your site.