determine_affiliate_marketing_earning_needsOne important step when you’re getting started with affiliate marketing is to determine what your specific earnings goals are for your business.

Determining a specific, realistic number is essential to success, since it keeps your business on track in a way that focuses on positive motivation, rather than feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and discouragement.

Here are a few tips to help you determine your affiliate marketing earnings needs.

Think of Specific Aims

Perhaps the most important point to remember is that specific numbers provide much better context and motivation than vague objectives. Consider the difference between the following two statements:

  1. I want to earn a living online.
  2. I want to earn $6,000 per month within 2 years.

Which of these objectives is more likely to be achieved? I’d argue the second one.

The second statement provides both a specific earnings figure and a specific timeline in which the person wants to achieve that level of earnings.

This means that you can more easily track your progress towards the goal, which can help you figure out next steps you can take to get there.

The other important point is that it helps to keep you motivated, since you can envision yourself achieving these aims as you progress. For the first statement, the lack of clarity makes it far more difficult to imagine what’s actually involved in “earning a living online.” More details are required.

Come Up With Multiple Scenarios

The second tip to determine your affiliate marketing earning needs is to set multiple scenarios of success.

I usually break these scenarios into 3 categories:

  • Baseline objective
  • Modest goals
  • Dream goals

Using these three categories helps me determine how and why I should keep going, which is essential to making it through those early days of a new website and getting out of the sandbox.

Under this setup, the baseline objective is something that I absolutely must achieve in order to justify continuing with the project. Again, this should have a specific number and a date by which I need to achieve that number. If I don’t make it, I usually take a strong look at what I’m doing before I decide to continue.

The second level is to set realistic, modest goals. This a level I really should achieve, and so it helps me evaluate my progress in terms of actual needs.

Finally, I like to include a high-reaching dream goal. This is the “wouldn’t it be nice if…” aspect of financial goals, so don’t hesitate to write down a lofty number.

Using this three-tiered system helps me place my objectives firmly within it, and keep me going.

Once you’ve determined your needs, it’s time to take action! Read more about how to get started affiliate marketing!