professional blogging without going crazyIs your effort to earn money in blogging driving you crazy?

Do you find you work insane hours for pennies in Adsense earnings, or struggle to constantly update your blog or social feed?

There’s a huge fear with many bloggers that inactivity will lead them to fail, and they struggle to work their a** off trying to ‘get ahead.’

In this post I’ll give you the solutions I use to keep myself from going crazy.

Note: this post is intended for those who already have a blog. If you’re just getting started, you should read this post.

Work A Few Weeks Ahead

Honestly, the single most important tool I use to keep my sanity is the WordPress post-scheduler.

That’s because I Iike to keep a consistent schedule with when my blog posts are released, but I don’t always want to be online at the time, rushing to finish a post at the last minute.

For content that isn’t time sensitive (eg: doesn’t have to do with any news) I find that working a couple of weeks ahead gives me peace of mind.

I find that when I sit down to work, I don’t feel pressured to “get it done ASAP,” which leads to better posts, better decisions, and higher productivity.

Note: for whatever reason, WordPress’ system often fails to post scheduled posts. There are several missed post schedulers available for free. I use WP-Missed-Schedule.

Set Achievable Goals…and Celebrate Them

Secondly, I think goal-setting is an underrated aspect of professional blogging.

It’s not just about keeping your eye on the prize. It also helps you keep your work in perspective, relieving a lot of the pressure to do “just one more” task.

Set goals you can control (eg: write X posts, find X new products to review) rather than ones you can’t (get X organic search impressions), and then reward yourself for goals you complete well.

Small goals might get you a 10 minute break, or a trip to your favorite cafe. Larger goals might merit a night out on the town or even a weekend away!

Stop Checking Your Analytics

Finally, stop checking your analytics account!

Analytics are essential to finding sustainable results, but you don’t need to interact with them every day, or even every week.

Constantly checking your account is a huge distraction, and can only serve to bum you out when you see a dip. I know I’ve lost entire days of productivity when I checked my account only to see results lower than I’d hoped. Rather than working on tasks that could improve those results, I wind up sulking around wishing my way to profits.

The only way to do well is to take action, so get rid of things that prevent you from doing so, especially those that come in the name of ‘work’!

I hope these tips help you stay sane and healthy while you’re working towards a full time income online.

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