seasonal offersFor affiliates and other online marketers, tis’ the season to be merry.

The month before Christmas (aka: the winter holiday season, for all you PC people out there) is easily one of the most profitable months of the year for internet marketers. The abundance of seasonal affiliate marketing offers makes it easy to find high quality products and programs to promote, while taking advantage of the buy-mindset most consumers have throughout the month.

But only if you know what to look for. In this post I’ll share some tips for finding great seasonal offers that you can leverage to increase sales from your affiliate site.

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Contact Existing Partners

Your first stop should be to get in touch with your affiliate managers from any of the primary products you’re already promoting, and ask them about any upcoming holiday deals.

Many programs offer huge discounts sometime during the season (be it for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, all the way up through the week after New Year’s). If you’re already promoting the product, you can use this opportunity to engage with your user base and let them know that now is the time to buy!

Search Affiliate Networks

Secondly, you can go to any of the major affiliate networks (LinkShare, ShareASale, etc) and search for upcoming offers or deals.

Note that seasonal offers doesn’t necessarily mean you’re promoting seasonal products…the point is to find products that are related to the site you already have. You might be surprised just how many new sales you’ll come up with.

Don’t Browse “Hot” Deals

Finally, I’d like to end with a caveat: don’t browse affiliate networks for ‘hot’ deals. These will often be advertised as top deals, or with announcements placed on your affiliate dashboard.

These deals, while they might look sexy, are often over-subscribed, driving up your competition and lowering your overall return on investment.

Resist the urge to throw up a new website just for a Christmas deal, and stick with bolstering content and promotions for the sites you already manage.

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