find_the_right_affiliate_marketing_courseOnce you’ve decided to build an affiliate business, it’s important that you find a comprehensive online affiliate marketing course to make sure you have the right knowledge base to help you succeed.

There are a lot of affiliate training courses out there, and choosing the right one has a lot to do with deciding what you’re looking for from the course.

In this post I’ll outline how to find the affiliate class that’s right for you. You can click here to see my #1 recommendation.

What You Need In An Online Affiliate Marketing Course

To me, there are several different aspects that make an affiliate marketing class worthwhile.

Video Trainings

The first thing I look for is that the course has extensive video trainings.

While some courses only have written training material, I think there’s no excuse for not having a professional video presence in your online classroom.

Videos are extremely important because they allow the presenter to show you how to build your site, not just tell you how. When it comes to setting up websites and analyzing keyword or traffic data, having that visual element is essential.

Active Blog

In addition to the core classes, I like to see that the company maintains an active blog.

Affiliate marketing is constantly changing, and it’s important that you sign up for a program that is active and up to date with the methods that work today, not the ones that worked 3 years ago.

I’ll give one recent example: up until a few weeks ago Google was trying to promote their Google Authorship feature to connect blog authors to their Google profiles. This was pitched as being important to SEO. Then, Google canceled the project. The morning they made the announcement, I saw multiple updates on Wealthy Affiliate about what changes you might want to consider, and how to adapt your site moving forward.

Membership Community

Thirdly, I think a strong affiliate course should have a large membership community.

I want to see that members are actively engaging with each other, asking and answering questions, and providing interesting insights or trends they’ve noticed.

This is important because at some point you’re going to run into obstacles, and your community will be there to help you through. Not only that, but active participation by a membership base shows that people remain committed and interested in the course long after they sign up.

That’s a measure of success.

Individual Success Stories

Finally, I like to see a lot of success stories.

While every program will advertise a few case studies of how marvelously their course worked, I want to know that this result is the standard, not the rare exception.

I don’t want a course where once in a while someone hits a grand slam. I want one where everyone can make consistent base hits. Because if they can do it, you can too.

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