how to get into affiliate marketing if youve never worked onlineAre you trying to figure out how to get into affiliate marketing but are worried about your experience or skill set?

Don’t be. Affiliate marketing is relatively easy to learn, and you don’t need to have any experience working with technology, websites, or online marketing.

There are a lot of programs and guides out there, many of which are free. You can click here to see my top recommendation.

In this post I’ll give you a few tips that will show you how to get started.

How To Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Learn The Ropes

Firstly, if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, I think it’s essential that you work through a complete training process.

Affiliate marketing isn’t hard, but there are certain rules and principles you need to follow to be successful. While you can ‘go it alone’ and piece together the information you need, your learning curve will be much steeper.

Personally, I wasted two years trying to do it myself before I realized I needed help.

My recommendation is that you follow this free course from Wealthy Affiliate. It’ll help you get your first site established, and its hard to argue with the price!

I also have a more complete list of affiliate trainings here.

Stick With A Single Program

Whichever program you choose, you should commit to it and stick with one course all the way to the end.

A lot of beginners have a tendency to jump around, trying a little bit here and a little bit there, winding up with multiple, unsuccessful projects.

This is because they try to aggregate all of the different components and wind up with a huge mess. I strongly urge you to resist this temptation! The top courses are designed to be complete units that will help you build a business.

They work, and they have plenty of examples of success to prove it.

Set Goals and a Timeline

It’s also important that you set clear goals and a timeline for achieving those goals.

I truly believe that good goals are an essential ingredient to success online, but it’s the act of setting those goals along with a timeline that will help you stay motivated to the point where you see real results.

Commit To Your Success

Affiliate marketing is a long term business strategy. You’re not going to see results over night, and I recommend you set a minimum 6 month timeline. One month simply won’t cut it.

You can choose to work a few hours a week or full time, but you need to be consistent for at least 6 months.

I’ve been in your shoes. I know starting out feels daunting and you’re unsure if you really want to do this.

Unfortunately, a wishy-washy attitude won’t get you anywhere. You have to sit down and take action. If you do, success WILL come. There’s no doubt in my mind.

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