new affiliate product launchesDo you know what’s going on in your niche?

As an internet marketer, I believe it’s extremely important to be up to speed on what’s going on within your website’s niche, from news and current events to new affiliate product launches.

Staying abreast of this information not only helps you keep your site current and authoritative, but also allows you to maximize your earnings potential by staying up to date with all of the real ways you could potentially make money.

Finding affiliate programs for new product launches can be an essential part of that strategy.

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Why New Products Are Important

To put it simply: new products are sexy…at least they can be.

  1. Lots of Hype: Oftentimes, promoting a new product works well because companies often launch their products with extensive marketing campaigns. Those campaigns translate into more people looking for the product online, and many of them are looking for trustworthy information outside of the company’s party line.
  2. Fewer Competitors: If you already have a site established within the product’s niche, the time it will take your site to rank for this new program is going to be short, and way shorter than any of your competitors starting out in the niche. You’re dealing with a “new” keyword, which means that the search engines will be eager to rank any sites that can provide solid information…and the main company is just one of those sites. There’s plenty of room for you to rank well quickly, and dominate the new search terms.
  3. Attractive Commissions: Finally, many new products will have attractive commission structure to bring in new affiliates. It’s not uncommon for new items to have higher than average rates for their industry, because the company is focused on growing it’s user base. These rates generally drop down to industry norms over time, but if you get it while it’s hot, you can put yourself in a great position to make a profit!

Any way that you look at, including new affiliate product launches is a great strategy for your site!

How To Find New Affiliate Products

The best way I’ve found to dig up these new products is to set up automated tracking feeds within your niche.

The process is way easier than you might think, and having a few feeds in place can help you skim for new launches to incorporate into your site. The best, and the one I personally use, is Google Alerts. You can set up to receive daily or weekly notifications about what’s going on in a niche, by listing some of the main keywords you’re interested in.

Other options include checking in with frequent affiliate news sites, like OfferVault, or joining a community that can help you find more information.

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