make_1000_dollars_onlineIn this post I’ll go through a simple plan for how to make 1000 dollars online with affiliate marketing.

If you’ve never started a business online or looked for a work-from-home job, there are a lot of options you might choose from. While there are merits and drawbacks to most legitimate online opportunities, I am a firm believer that affiliate marketing is one of the best options out there, since it provides you with a sustainable, long term business that can continue producing income for years.

Affiliate Marketing Overview

Firstly, I want to give a brief overview of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the act of making commissions based on referring targeted customers to make purchases online. Just like many sales compensation structures, affiliates are only paid when the customer makes a purchase. To track these purchases, internet marketers, also known as publishers, use unique affiliate links placed within posts. That way, when a potential customer clicks a link from the marketer’s site to the partner site, the sale is tracked as originating from the marketer’s site, and a commission can be accurately paid.

The reason affiliate marketing is a viable business opportunity is because for any given product or set of products, there are thousands of ways potential customers can find the site to make a purchase. Because there are so many options, a company cannot possible market to every possible channel. That’s why they leverage the reach of third party affiliate to help them find new customers.

For a more comprehensive overview of how affiliate marketing works, see the overview in affiliate marketing basics, or read this post on what affiliate marketing actually is.

What it Takes to Make 1000 Dollars Online

One of the primary misconceptions about making money online is the idea that it is quick and easy. Unfortunately, this leads to the notion that you don’t have to work to earn real income, which in turn causes many well-meaning individuals to fall prey to online scams. The sad truth is that these individuals could make a real income, but they are discouraged by all the misinformation out there.

While anyone can make 1000 dollars online (and much more), you need to be willing to invest your time into the process. Realistically, to make 1000 dollars online takes a mix of patience and diligent effort creating a new website.

The most important thing to remember is that no real money will magically fall into your lap overnight, but if you follow a clear plan consistently, the money will come.

Next Steps: How to Start an Affiliate Site

If you’re ready to make the commitment to building an online business for yourself, there are a few different paths you can take.

The best option if you don’t have a lot of online marketing experience is to work through an affiliate marketing training. An investment in your education today will pay off for years to come. You can browse my list of recommended affiliate training courses here.

Affilorama has a $1 trial, and there is also an excellent free training produced by Wealthy Affiliate. They provide a free introductory course that gives a good overview of how to get started choosing a niche and building your website.

The process is simple, and designed so that no experience is necessary to get started. You could even have your own website up and running today!

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