negative_product_reviewYou’ve just written a scathing review of a product and think a reader is never going to buy anything from you ever again.

Think again.

Negative reviews can be an extremely powerful tool to make additional affiliate sales. You just need to know how to turn a negative review into an affiliate sale. This post will show you how.

Turn a Negative Review into an Affiliate Sale in 3 Steps

Step 1: Figure Out What The User Really Wants

When users arrive at a negative product review they’re usually in one of three states:

  • They’re trying to confirm their gut feeling the product is a scam.
  • They’re researching the specific brand/product.
  • They’re research a collection of products, looking for the right fit.

Looking at these three primary states, you can begin to figure out what the user is really search for by reading your review.

More often than not, the user is looking for a product in the same niche, regardless of whether he wants to buy the product you’re currently reviewing.

Step 2: Recommend a Related Product

This means that the best chance you’ll have of converting this user into an affiliate sale is to recommend a better, but related product.

The fact that user is reading your review in the first place shows an intent to buy something. He’s smart, so he’s doing his research about what to buy before he buys it.

He might still be at the early stage of product research, in which case you’re less likely to make the conversion, but there’s also a good chance that he’s farther along. By the time users get to the point of looking at specific product information, they’re usually farther along in the purchase cycle.

You can capitalize on this position to recommend an awesome product and make the sale.

Step 3: Include the Negative Affiliate Link

However, just because you directly recommend a different product in the negative review doesn’t mean you should neglect to include the affiliate link for the product.

A small percentage of users will still buy the product, no matter how badly you review it, but you also have another responsibility as an authority blogger. You need to identify a possible user profile that would buy the product.

This means that you can couch your negative review in terms of who the product is for and who the product isn’t for. In other words, just because you don’t like a certain product doesn’t mean that no one  will like it. If you can identify the appropriate buyer, you’ll be more likely to convert the right user to a sale, because you’ve helped identify the product fit.