affiliate display marketingAffiliate display marketing is a huge opportunity for affiliates to increase their profits with relatively little work.

The idea is simple: you place paid ads on a third-party site, which drive additional traffic and sales through your own website.

This technique is a form of internet marketing arbitrage, where you’re relying on a gap in the sale price of different types of ads in order to turn a profit.

This post will show you how. There’s also a complete paid advertising course available at Wealthy Affiliate.

Before You Start: You Need a Profitable Site

Affiliate display marketing is an intermediate/advanced topic for affiliates who already have a profitable website up and running.

That’s because you should have enough data to know confidently what your own conversion rates are going to be. This is essential to ensure your display marketing efforts are a good investment, rather than a waste of time.

If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing or have a site that’s not yet profitable, you can read this guide or follow this free training to help you launch your business.

How To Use Affiliate Display Marketing

If you’re ready to get going with display ads, here’s how to do it:

Find Small Sites

The key to making a profit with this type of marketing is to find a collection of small sites to work with.

Small sites make good partners because:

  1. They tend to have targeted traffic,
  2. They’re cheaper than larger, more sophisticated players, and
  3. Most competitors will overlook small traffic numbers.

Just like with a solid long-tail marketing strategy, the key is to sneak in under the radar.

While advertising on a site that only has 1,000 visitors a month might not be attractive to your competitors, you understand that you can scale the process by finding multiple small sites, building your effective audience by as much as you need.

Negotiate a Good Bargain

Because small sites have lower traffic numbers, they’re often not eligible to participate in other display programs, even if they wanted to.

This means that they’re usually happy to get a little extra revenue in the door, and you can end up with a great bargain.

If they’re a growing site, you also might find you’ll get a windfall of extra impressions that are above and beyond the numbers you negotiated, which can be an added bonus and help increase your total ROI.

Send the User to Your Site

Once you have the your list of sites to work with, you’re going to want to create an ad campaign that sends the user to your site, rather than one of your affiliate partners.

This will demonstrate your authority and help you convert sales, but even more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to convert a user for the long term.

Focus On Subscriptions and Freebies

To get that precious long term user, you need to focus on getting the reader to subscribe to an email list.

If you don’t already have a high-converting landing page to do this, create one!

One of the best strategies I’ve found is to offer some sort of free giveaway for the sign up. This could be an ebook or a free course, but you need to provide something specific that’s going to pique their interest.

You’re On Your Way

From there, you’re already well on your way to making the campaign profitable.

Just rinse and repeat the same tactics you would for any other new sign up. Help channel the reader to figure out what they want, and then recommend an affiliate product that’s right for them.

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