how to use google trends to pick an affiliate topicIf you’ve read this post, you know that I believe the single most important factor to consider in choosing an affiliate niche is to pick a topic that you’re truly passionate about.

That said, it’s also important that you have a firm grasp of what types of traffic levels and trends you can inspect from your niche.

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Browsing Trend Data

If you’ve never used it before, I strongly recommend you check out Google Trends.

This is a great, free tool Google provides to let you search for historical data on any given keyword.

To use this tool effectively, you’re going to want to look for data on several of the keywords in your niche, and it helps if you use keywords that are broad, rather than the same long tail keywords you want to target within your individual site pages and posts.

What To Look For

The resulting graph from your search tells you the historical trend of your keyword over time.

Ideally, you’re looking for a market that:

  1. Grows steadily over time, and
  2. Has consistent results or patterns.

Considering these two aspects will help make sure you’re picking an industry that is sustainable over the long term. Short term spikes, like those that occur with a new movie release, for example, may mean that this isn’t a viable market for you to enter.

For many niches, you might also notice a consistent pattern that’s seasonal. For example, if you build a site focused on Halloween costumes, you’re likely to see a huge spike in September/October and next to no activity for the rest of the year.

Seasonal spikes don’t necessarily mean that you should discount the niche, but you should be aware of when to expect your traffic to build and wane.

Also note that the results provided are based on relative activity over time, not raw search volume, so just because you see spikes to 100 doesn’t mean that there’s high volume, only that the spike is in relation to what other traffic levels were.

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