engaging affiliate readersThere’s a lot of talk in the content marketing world about the importance of creating high quality posts to publish on your site.

I agree 100% with this line of thinking, but it’s important to note that this catchphrase (“high quality content” was taken from information Google itself reiterates over and over again.

Unfortunately, while “high quality” information might drive traffic to your site, it’s not enough to confer readers into sales. For that, you need to write engaging affiliate content.

In this post I’ll show you how. For a more comprehensive training, see this post.

How To Write Engaging Affiliate Content

The ability to produce effective content is a skill that most internet marketers learn over time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Include Calls To Action

The first is to always make sure you include a call to action within your posts.

A call to action is a directive you give to a user to encourage them to complete task X. That might be to read a product review, sign up for an email list, share an article, or leave a comment.

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Don’t Oversell

Secondly, engaging content is often non-promotional in nature.

Most readers have a very low tolerance for “being sold to” and leaving them feeling like your website’s entire existence is to sell a product leaves them alienated, and will often result in higher bounce rates.

Instead, you should focus on content that helps them figure out what’s right for them. For some, that might eventually be a product purchase, but for others its not. Condense your “sales pages” to only a handful of pages, and then make sure only the right visitors land there.

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Trust Your Data, Not Your Gut

Finally, engaging content marketing is all about data.

As you grow your affiliate website, you’ll have access to a lot of data about how users interact with your site. You should use this data to learn what your users want from your site, even if that desire differs from your gut feeling of what they should want.

Providing content that’s relevant to your real users is how you’re going to make your business successful.

That means that “high quality” simply isn’t enough. You need to engage in order to be effective.

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