write_successful_blogToday I’m going to get into the discussion of how to write successful blog posts by improving your writing tactics for your blog.

There are a lot of ideas and opinions out there on what consitutes a ‘good’ or ‘successful’ article, from how to make content stand out to  getting repeat visits to converting more readers to sales. Regardless of how you define the term, producing an affiliate marketing site requires consistent, determined focus, and that can only happen if you develop a clear method for writing your posts.

Here’s my personal method to increase your speed and efficiency at the same time.

Separate out Topic Generation from Content Generation

To me, developing ideas for topics for the blog and developing the actual content (posts/articles) for a blog are completely different tasks.

Topic generation is a combination of brainstorming and keyword research, while content generation is the act of expressing effectively concept you (should) already know. Hopefully this process comes naturally.

To me, having a clear topic to write on first is tremendously helpful to actually writing the content, and helps me get in the groove of writing quickly.

To use a simple analogy: imagine you’ve just returned from vacation and you’re having a conversation with a friend. If your friend asks “How was your trip?” your knee-jerk reaction may be simply to say “Good!”

This is like having a blog with a focused theme, but no specific topic to address. You could answer in a lot more detail, but you don’t know where to begin!

Then your friend says: “Tell me more: how did you get from the airport to the hotel?”

The rest is easy! “Oh, that’s a funny story. So we flew into JFK and tried to take a cab, but the line was over an hour long, so instead we….”

Given a clearer, more specific direction up front makes it easier to tell the story.

If you are an expert at your chosen blog topic, writing the content should be as easy as having a discussion with a friend: if you know what topic to write on it is like having a friend ask you a specific question, and writing the post is simply answering that question.

Given that premise, the key to writing a successful blog post quickly is simply a matter of having a predefined direction for that post. I keep a running list of topics and potential keywords I might like to use. I usually jot down topics as they come to me and do keyword research once a week, ensuring that I have plenty of options to choose from.

Separating my tasks like this helps keep me focused on writing the actual posts, when the time comes for it. I find that the biggest hurdle is always to write that first paragraph. If I can write a paragraph I can write a post, and if I can write one post I can usually continue efficiently on to another.

I really encourage you to try this technique for 1-2 weeks. Did you notice any improvements in your post efficiency. Did you find that by focusing your intentions, you reduce the need and inclination to find distractions, and can be more productive?

I certainly did. Hope it helps.