If you’re in the online marketing world, no doubt you’ve already heard way too much about the benefits of content marketing, and how you can use it to drive traffic and sales.

As affiliate marketers, we literally live or die based on our content, and the ability to have a simple, clear-cut strategy that consistently produces amazing content and drives relevant users to your site is worth a goldmine.

If you’ve been struggling to get traffic to your site, or aren’t sure what a good content marketing strategy looks like, you need to listen to this great podcast with Alyce Currier from Wistia.

Wistia is a video sharing platform, and their growth literally exploded thanks to this strategy. Listen to the podcast to learn how they did it!

Click here to listen!

In the interview, they talk about how Wistia set goals for their campaign, determined what type of content to produce and when to publish it, along with how they tweaked their strategy until they found the sweet spot that skyrocketed them to success!