make money affiliate programsI believe very strongly that anyone can start a website and begin to earn some serious side income.

Not only that, but you can pick from a virtually endless number of topics and still be able to turn a profit from your site. Why?

The reason is because if you want to make money affiliate programs are one of the best options out there.

Here’s why:

Easy To Access

Most affiliate programs are easily accessible to anyone.

They don’t usually have strict requirements about who can join the program nor do they require a lot of work. Especially for those that are tied into one of the major affiliate networks, signing up is usually just a few clicks and the approval process can be instant.

Adaptable for Any Topic

The second reason is that there are so many great affiliate products out there, encompassing a very wide range of topics.

It really does not matter what your site is about (ok, slight hyperbole there: click here for more details) because there are tons of possible products to promote and companies to partner with.

High Commissions

Online marketing is competitive.

That drives many affiliate programs to offer high commissions for many of their products. Digital services that don’t have a lot of fixed costs often give commissions in the 50% range (or even higher)!

While commissions from physical goods are necessarily going to be lower (because there are intrinsic cost of goods) you’re still likely to receive commissions anywhere in the 5-15% range. That’s comparable with many professional sales positions, so you’re well positioned to be able to have a very lucrative site.

See For Yourself

If you’re intrigued about how you can include affiliate products on your site, or start a new site from scratch, you should check out these great video trainings, which go into more detail.

You can already this post for my Ultimate How To Affiliate Marketing Guide, which goes over the basics of affiliate marketing in more detail.