increase_blog_earningsWhether you’ve been blogging for 10 days or 10 years, if you’re like me you’re always in search of new ways to earn revenue from your blog.

In this post I’ll provide 3 tips to increase your blog earnings quickly and easily, regardless of your blog’s topic or target audience.

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How To Increase Your Blog Earnings

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

The first step to increasing your blog earnings is to do a thorough evaluation of where your weaknesses are on your site.

Do you know which pages do well to convert your users into revenue (whether through affiliate promotions, product sales, or even just adsense clicks)? If so, what makes those pages stand out compared to the ones that don’t convert as well?

If you can isolate why those pages are converting better than others, you can begin to edit your weaker pages to bring them up to par.

Test Multiple Layouts

The second way you can easily increase your earnings is to begin to test multiple layouts.

Many bloggers choose one layout or design and stick with it for years, without ever questioning whether that’s the best option for them.

In general, bigger ads and more prominent (eg: top of the page or in-post rather than side-column) placement increases conversion. That said, there is no single best answer I can give you that will work for all blogs.

You need to play with it for yourself, and don’t be surprised if you can increase your earnings anywhere from 20-100%!

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Promote Additional Products

Finally, many bloggers overlook simple “extras” they could promote alongside their content.

Usually, this comes through incorporating relevant affiliate links into your articles or pages. For example, if you mention that you just read Book X by So-And-So, linking to an Amazon page might get you a few extra commissions.

If you do this consistently, throughout your blog, those little extra snippets will quickly start to add up!

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