is_affiliate_marketing_a_mythWith a quick search about earning money online it’s easy to find dozens of “perfect” programs promising the secret of how to get rich quick. The overabundance of fake articles trying to sell quasi-scams and multi-tiered marketing schemes makes leaves many people wondering: is affiliate marketing a myth?

In this post I’ll debunk some of the common misconceptions about affiliate marketing and establish the difference between affiliate marketing and the far less trustworthy multi-level marketing schemes.

Myth 1

“Affiliate marketing is a get rich quick scheme.”

Answer: Hell no. If you know anything about affiliate marketing you know it takes time and effort before seeing a single dollar, and is most certainly NOT a get rich quick scheme.

It truly pains me when I hear people claim that all individual efforts (aka: not led by large corporations) at internet marketing are really just schemes to screw you out of hard-earned cash.

I think this myth stems from the fact that there are a lot of programs that claim to be able to provide secrets to overnight success, and there are a lot of people who spend money on these programs and never see a dime in return.

But, don’t let a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch. For every over-hyped scam, there are dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of ways to earn legitimate, meaningful income through affiliate marketing.

Will it make you a millionaire overnight? No, of course not. Which leads us to…

Myth #2

“Affiliate marketing will let me quit my day job.”

The Answer: Well…maybe.

Like most myths, this too is based on a half truth. Can internet marketing provide you enough money to let you quit your day job? Yes, it can but then your day job would be doing internet marketing.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no magical way to earn money without working for it.

Sometimes people imply that online businesses let you earn money in your sleep, just because you don’t have to physically present to educate a customer and make a sale. But, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t worked to earn that money. I have another post on why affiliate marketing is NOT passive income if you want to read further.

For every reader and every sale or commission made, affiliate marketers have spent endless hours researching their niche, writing quality content, and promoting their site. Just because the work isn’t done in a cubicle between 9 and 5 doesn’t mean the work isn’t done.

Myth #3

“Affiliate marketers don’t create anything new, therefore they don’t provide any value.”

The Answer: Just because you don’t need to own a product line to be an affiliate does not mean you don’t provide value.

In fact, I’d argue that affiliates have a tremendous burden to provide value for their readers, otherwise they would never gain reader trust, build an audience, and ultimately would never make a sale. Without value, there’s nothing to stop the product owners from selling directly to their users.

Middle men exist for a reason. They make content more accessible in the format that people are searching for. Imagine needing to know something about a product before purchasing it, and having to walk to the store to go read the information off the box, ask the store manager, then call the company help line, all for a simple question! Sounds like the stone age (err…the 90s).

Bottom line is: affiliate’s make information readily available to match exactly what it is you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

What do you think about these myths? Are there any other half-truths floating around there you need answered? If you’re wondering if affiliate marketing is right for you, you might want to read more on how to decide if you should start an affiliate business, or see some examples of success stories that prove it works.