b2b_content_marketing_vs_b2c_content_marketingAs an internet marketer, I’m often asked my opinion on what the most difficult markets are to break into and why.

From an affiliate standpoint, that often comes down to why someone might choose to approach a B2B content marketing topic vs. a B2C content marketing topic.

Unfortunately there’s no clear answer as to which is easier. Here are a few things to consider.

If One Were Easier, It Wouldn’t Be For Long

One of the fundamental principles of capitalistic economics is that markets tend to reach an equilibrium over time.

This means that if, on the whole, either B2C or B2B content marketing results were easier to achieve, smart, ambitious individuals (and companies) would go after those easier markets, thereby making that segment more difficult, until it becomes on part with the other.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to be had in either market. Quite the contrary. The nature of online content marketing is that there are millions of long tail holes to fill, which means that there are a virtually limitless number of real online income opportunities to be had by taking advantage of those long tail metrics.

You Can Make Money In Both B2B Content Marketing and B2C Content Marketing

As long as you choose profitable keywords, there are ample opportunities to make money in both B2B and B2C markets.

The fundamental principles of content marketing are going to be the same in either market segment. Keyword research is the same, competition evaluation metrics are the same, and the need for high quality content is the same. Learn more about how to develop a good content marketing strategy.

This means that profitability is less about which industry or market segment you’re in, and more about how you can refine your focus into a specific niche and develop that niche in a consistent manner that geared towards building authority over time. Read more about how to pick a profitable affiliate market.

Sound content marketing skills do not change, so developing these assets are going to be an extremely important step in your evolution as an internet marketer and essential to your ability to earn money online.

If you’re looking to earn money online, I suggest you read this post on how to make money online with internet marketing. You can also find some great free training courses to get you started.