full_time_online_income_opportunityOne of the most commonly asked questions about affiliate marketing is whether or not blogging is a realistic full time online income opportunity.

With so many blogs that are already out there, and so few of them that actually make any money, can you really beat the odds and earn a full time income online?


Absolutely, 100% yes.

Here’s why:

Most Blogs Are Corporate or Personal

You’ll see statistics out there that around 80% of blog owners will never earn $100 from their efforts. This sounds daunting, but it’s not really a glimpse at the entire facts.

Most blogs that are online simply are not designed to make money. They’re either rarely updated corporate blogs designed to maintain a vague sense of “web presence,” or  personal blogs intended for updates among friends, communal stories, music, art, literature, and the like.

Many of these blog owners will put up a simple means of earning revenue, like Adsense, but this monetization is an after thought and not a real strategy. They figure “hey, if I earn something from this that’s great!” and then don’t pay it any more attention.

Most Blogs Lack Longevity

The idea that blogs lack longevity is really just a nice way of saying that of the people who do start a blog with the intent of earning income give up way too soon. They put out a few posts and after 3-4 months don’t see any results, so they become convinced of the “most blogs fail” logic and never get past the initial breaking point. Read more on this phenomenon here.

Most Blogs Are Not Targeted

Another reason the overwhelming majority of blogs fail is because they’re not targeted.

While you can figure out a way to make money in many industries, you have to think about your reader’s mindset when they’re reading a site, and coordinate the content you provide with the act of getting a reader to make a purchase.

People don’t just magically buy things. You can’t write a post about frogs and then try to sell them a blender. That just sounds wrong.

Taking Advantage of an Online Income Opportunity is a Learned Process

The principles behind internet marketing aren’t rocket science.

In fact, they’re way easier to learn than you might expect. With a few weeks of guidance and practice, chances are you’ll be able to master the core fundamentals of online marketing.

If you take those fundamentals and apply them for 6 months, you’ll be able to have a site that generates significant traffic.

That traffic can and will become money in your pocket.

To get there you have to be strategic, you have to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, and you have to follow a clear process.

That process is available in a variety of courses and other resources. There’s also a great free training course you can access here.

The only question is: are you ready to get started?  If so, click here.