ad click xpress scamAs an internet marketer and webpreneur, I’m always impressed by the number of inventive ways people come up with in order to try to sell you more traffic, and teach you to make money online.

The reality? few are legit. In this review of, I’ll take a look at why I think profit clicking is a scam, and something every internet entrepreneur should steer clear of.

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What Is Profit Clicking?

Profit Clicking is a brand new way for people who are working online to not only raise their website visitor traffic but also to earn a lot of money. Only two percent of people who earn their money online succeed in making a living.

Profit Clicking claims that they have a legal way of making money online that is guaranteed to help everybody to make money on the internet. There are two ways that you can earn money. One way is buying traffic packages and another way is purchasing traffic package.

Buying traffic for your website is a process that is tricky. Buying traffic can lead to a series of bots visiting the website which bring traffic numbers but it is not going to lead in a commission. Profit Clicking claims that it provides the best traffic through advertising system that will take your advertising budget and find the best way of how to spend it to increase traffic. They recommend that you can become an affiliate of their packages. If you want to do this it is a must that you sign up for an affiliate account that comes with a traffic package for your website.

You have to buy extra traffic package but once your affiliate account becomes active they promise that you are going to get a percentage weekdays and weekends on the money which has been spent to buy traffic packages. They say that your traffic package will result in 150 percent earnings within eighty days.

Advantages of

Not many!

I guess the biggest thing going for them is that they use techniques that are simple to understand and not complicated. That means that anyone could employ them, but definitely not worth it in my mind.

Disadvantages of www.Profit

Oooff. Where to begin? This program screams scam all the way around.

The company only benefits people who are at the top, and works on a pyramid scheme type model in order to sway you into earning “passive” income. Unfortunately, you’ll have to keep putting your time and effort into recruiting more and more people, not to mention the time you spend clicking.

You have to learn “their system” in order to be successful, but doing so isn’t worth your time!

Conclusion: Is Profit Clicking a Scam?

Yes! Please don’t buy this program. I’m begging you.

ProfitClicking claims that they have a complaint system that is legal they do never give any details how they guarantee specific amount of earning over some time.

A huge flag in my mind, right off the bat, is that the program immediately redirects you to an entirely separate company, Ad Click Xpress. This is a HUGE scam tactic, and should be a red flag for anyone even remotely considering the program.


Although the website says that online marketing is impervious to economic trends any professional marketer is going to inform you that the money earned in online marketing is affected by national events, sports, seasons and holidays. There are some which result in high earning while others lower.

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