is success with anthony a scamIf you’re trying to find a valid program to learn how to make money online, chances are you’ve come across the Success with Anthony Morrison program, which claims to offer extensive training, support, and mentorship for new internet entrepreneurs.

The question is…does it actually do what it claims, or is Success with Anthony a scam?

Let’s way some of the pros and cons of this program to find out.

What Is Success With Anthony?

Firstly, let’s look in depth at what this program involves.

The sales page makes a number of amazing claims, but in my experience not one of them was really up to snuff.

The program includes 3 modules of material, which take the user through trainings on email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO marketing.

Each module comes with “in depth” ebooks and training videos. Unfortunately “in depth” refers simply to length and quantity, not quality of the material. In the first module, for example, it takes him 200 pages to explain the basics of email marketing, which you could learn on just about any blog.

Is Success With Anthony A Scam?

The short answer: yes.

This program has received thousands of complaints from its users. It was even banned from Clickbank for the high number of refunds, chargebacks, and scam complaints buyers provided.

A few of the indicators are:

  • Crazy pricing. It’s normal for companies to have good trial and introductory offers, but Success with Anthony makes you jump from a $7 intro to a $147 “special offer” to thousands of dollars in backend mentorship fees.
  • Too much personal information. When you sign up you need to give your address and phone number. There’s really no reason an online program should require this, unless they’re going to sell your information and/or harass you for future sales.
  • Banned from Clickbank. That’s right, Success with Anthony was actually banned from one of the most tolerant information-product networks out there. There’s a lot of sh** on Clickbank, so getting banned must really be an achievement.

Please don’t “invest” in this program. If you’re looking for a good way to earn money online, I suggest you look into one of the many free resources available, both here on this site and elsewhere.

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