is the empower network a scamIf you’re trying to learn about how to make money online, you’ve probably come across David Sharpe and the Empower Network marketing system. This is a multi-level marketing that revolves around recruiting new members into the system.

Multi-level marketing often sets off alarm bells in my head, but is the Empower Network a scam?

Constant upsells and sketchy marketing tactics seem to push it in that direction, and it’s certainly nowhere near being my top recommendation for making money online.

In this review I’ll go into detail about whether I think the Empower Network is legit or not.

Overview of the Empower Network Program

Empower Network (EN) is a multilevel marketing and networking firm. Members should be able to sell the company to prospects and teach them to do the same. Through this, they will be able to earn commissions.

The company offers different level of membership to prospects. For each of the products they offer that you purchase, you will also get incentives. If you did not buy the program which people whom you referred bought, you will not be qualified to earn any commission at all. Here are the different levels of member products EN offers:


  • Blogging Platform. This is the basic membership level that provides members access to the blogging platform. You will be charged $25/monthly which will permit you to open the core checklist and some training materials.
  • Inner Circle Membership. In this level, you will be required to pay $100 every month. In return, you will be able to access the audio library, know the names of the EN founders, leaders along with its members. This is when you get to sell the company to other prospects and earn commissions.
  • The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive. Unlike the first two, you will only be required a onetime payment for this level that would cost you $500. You will get a series of video showcasing different concepts that would help change a member’s mind in getting online leads. The video was shot in Costa Rica near the house of EN co-founder David Wood.
  • The 15k Formula. This level is directed with the technical training members need to be able to effectively market online. This costs a onetime payment deal of $995.
  • Masters Retreat. This is made up of 40 training guides and worksheets that teaches members to learn while they are earning commissions.

What’s Good about Empower Network Marketing System

Whether or not the Empower Network is a scam depends a little bit on what you consider to be “scammy.”

The program does provide most of the information advertised in its sales materials. It is possible to make money using their system, but that system involves constantly recruiting new members into the system.

That makes it an outright pyramid scheme in my mind, since your success has nothing to do with the quality of the product being sold, but by how many people you can convince to drink the Kool Aid, so to speak.

The good news is that the system isn’t stealing your money. Most affiliates report that the network pays them their earnings on schedule, which basically just means that the system isn’t a total fraud.

But the question remains:

Conclusion: Is The Empower Network A Scam?


Short answer: YES! The Empower Network is a huge scam.

scamA lot of people claimed they had been lured by the persistent marketing strategies pushed by Empower Network. However, the company does not have a clear description of what they sell and what their members should sell to prospects.

Members who want to cash out their commissions need to pay their card for a monthly fee of $20. They call this a Privilege card but I don’t really think this is one. Further, there’s an extra payment of $19 for the purchase system. That’s aside from the basic level membership you would pay for $25. Then you need to purchase the Inner Circle membership for $100 to start earning commissions.

Basically, there’s no clear investment amount in EN since you are continuously obliged to pay. You also have no free trial period and no service support to address the numerous complaints the company has been and continuously receives.

The conclusion? Yes, this program is definitely high on my scam list. I’d say it’s not really a good idea to join this program!

If you’re looking for legit ways to earn money online, you might want to check out my #1 recommendation.