coupon_discountWealthy Affiliate is a great training program and has a lot of success stories to prove that the methods taught there actually work. Because of that, a lot of users have written me asking if there’s a Wealthy Affiliate discount or coupon code that I can provide.

The answer is that there used to be, but not anymore. Now the offer is even better.

In my opinion, there’s no real need for one, and here’s why.

Why You Don’t Need a Wealthy Affiliate Discount

It’s simple, really: you don’t need a coupon code because WA is free to join!

The fact is that members can now start for free, access an entire course of training material and build two websites hosted on the WA server, all without paying a dime or even putting in a credit card number!

This wasn’t always the case. The free basic option is only about a year old. Prior to releasing the first course free, there would be occasional promotions, discounts, and coupon offers. Now there’s no need.

The Yearly Wealthy Affiliate Discount

There is, however, still a major discount offered for anyone who signs up for the premium membership as a yearly customer. The normal monthly fee is $47, which includes full access to all of the trainings, discussion boards, member insights, videos, webinars, and even free hosting and keyword research tools.

The yearly discount provides all of the same access for $359!

That’s a savings of over $200, and is a discount of almost 40%!!!

Well worth it, in my opinion, since if you’re going to commit to building a business in online marketing, you need to commit for at least 6 months to see good results, and at least a year to start to really build a strong, sustainable business.

If you’re considering Wealthy Affiliate, you can click here to read my full review, or click here to read more about the free training provided.