too damn easy is a cash gifting program based on cash through inviting new members who will send money to others. The program has been operated for more than five years by a guy known as Q. The business is based off shore. Three levels were used to join the system but today there are only two levels. There is only one UP style structure that is used. It is a must that you give out every gift that you are going to get to Q as monitor fee to corporate.

There has been speculation surrounding the legality of Too Damn Easy. They insist that they are a private activity where entrance is gained through invitation. They will refer to an IRS statue that will declare gifts up to $13,000 tax free. On this basis they declare that the money which you are going to get is tax free because it is a gift. This concept will most likely going to fail and end up in court. is operated without any products and this has caused concerned to people.

The program is based on the members joining at which is very high. If you find people who can afford more than $6000 then it is possible to make it work for you. The members are given a system ID to advertise with the program provided ads that should be used by members to join. If somebody is going to respond to the ad and has no idea what the ID code is they cannot be able to join. Marketing materials which have been designed professionally make the program attractive for people who are busy they have money but they do not have time.

Pros of the Too Damn Easy Cash Gifting System

There are a few pros to note, but not many:

  • Too damn easy allows you to join into some of the advertising cooperation or use postcards.
  • Their marketing materials are high quality and pull so well.
  • All the advertisements include ID and Q will handle the rest this includes handling any questions from your prospects.

Cons: Avoiding the Too Damn Easy Scam

The cons, on the other hand, are all over the place. A few of the top points to be wary of are:

  • The program has a minimum participation $6,600 for people who want to start. This disqualifies most people who want to take part in the activity.
  • It is not possible to track your marketing or advertising. You do not have any idea of where the referrals are coming from and which ads are the best for you.
  • You can also not track who Q has talked to or the leads that you are doing because it is a must that you send somebody to his website with your referral ID.

Conclusion: Is Too Damn Easy Fraud?

So, what’s the verdict on Too Damn Easy? There’s been a lot of really bad press surrounding this system, and my opinion is that the system is borderline fraud.

Even if it is legal, it’s definitely not something you want to be a part. The high cost of entry screams scam, and the whole idea of network marketing via cash transfers could get you into all sorts of legal troubles, from outright fraud to lack of documentation for using your account as an unlicensed wirehouse.

Either way, it’s best just to stay away!

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