super_wealthy_affiliateLast week I received this email from a reader:

Hi, I’ve been trying to earn a living online for over a year now without much luck. I’ve spent over $200 on programs that promised to teach me the secret sauce but have yet to earn much of anything. You seem to recommend Wealthy Affiliate, so my question is simple: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? How can I know before signing up?

– Stephen M. Oklahoma City, OK

I’ve already responded to Stephen’s email individually, but then I decided to write this post because I know a lot of people probably have similar frustrations.

The bad news about getting started earning money online is that there is a ton of misinformation circulating about how to go about creating an effective strategy, which products you actually need, and, perhaps most importantly, the amount of time it takes to start seeing results.

Unfortunately, it’s this last part that throws so many people off track. I talk more about how to spot a scam or questionable products in another post, so here I’ll concentrate on why WA isn’t a scam.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Absolutely NOT

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam.

I have personally used their method and earned money using the techniques they provide. While I promote Wealthy Affiliate on this site, the program is NOT about earning money promoting their program. It’s about how to earn money in any niche you choose.

It’s also important to consider that I am by no means the exception. There are plenty of examples of Wealthy Affiliate success out there, from people that started with little to no knowledge of affiliate marketing, or even websites and blogging more broadly.

Wealthy Affiliate is Free to Join

Many people that join Wealthy Affiliate have had a similar experience to Stephen, and are naturally leery of signing up for another program when they’ve already wasted their hard earned money trying other products.

That’s a big reason why Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. Kyle and Carson, the two founders, have been in the same place you are today, and are 100% open about what’s included in the program, so much so that they want you to see for yourself, with no obligation.

There is a ton of information available to you as a free member, including the ability to start and host two websites for free. This is designed to get you started and working through the trainings, so you can gain confidence in the steps you need to take before you pay, not after.

I’ve honestly never seen so much provided from any other ‘make money online’ program.

Businesses Take Time

The other aspect that’s really important to understand about the Wealthy Affiliate program is that they are completely up front about what it’s going to take to build your business.

A huge problem I see with people just starting out online is that there is a huge misconception that all online income is passive income for which they don’t need to work, and that will magically come to you overnight.

Anyone who makes these claims is flat out lying to you.

It is possible to earn a full-time income online, but it will not come in a week or a month. Sites take time to gain traction, just like any new business, so be prepared to commit to the program for a minimum of 6 months before quitting. That’s the only way you’re going to see success with your affiliate business.

There Are Other Options

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 affiliate training recommendation.

That said, if you’re still on the fence you should know that there are other options.

Affilorama Blueprint is my #2 ranked affiliate training program, and takes a slightly different approach than WA. It has a $1 trial to get started. Read more about AffiloBlueprint here.

You could also click here to see a more complete list of affiliate training courses.

Take Action

Finally, I just want to point out that the key to all of this is simply to take action. Action is the key to success in most facets of life, and the online marketing world is no exception.

The best thing you can do right now is to join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member to see for yourself. You could have a website up and running today, and be on your way to earning money online.

There’s no obligation. No gimmicks. No tricks. Just try it, and see for yourself.

Click here to read about the free training, or click here to see my full Wealthy Affiliate review.