keywords finding balanceKeywords, keywords, keywords. They’re essential to earning money from a blog, right?

Yes and no.

While I believe that using well-researched keywords is essential to ranking well in the search engines, the reality is that too many bloggers and content marketeers focus exclusively on an SEO keyword targeting strategy that actually hinders their efforts to earn real income.

Here’s why:

Why They’re Important

In case you’ve been asleep for the last 10 years, long tail marketing is unbelievably important.

Having a good keyword strategy can be the difference between writing a blog that stays at the top of search for years and one that never sees the light of day.

There are tons of high search volume, low competition phrases you can take advantage of, and it only makes sense to target one or two of them in a blog post.

The HUGE Caveat

But, there’s a major caveat you need to be aware of.

Keywords are for search engines, but your blog is for people…at least it should be.

Too many people focus exclusively on what keywords they’re including in their post, and will even try to target, 4, 5 or even 6+ keywords on a single page.

When you read these blogs, they often feel like they were written by a robot, or possibly someone who has English as a 4th language.

To me, they feel concocted, and it’s something that quickly makes me leave the site, or, at the very least, only trust the information presented with a grain of salt.

A typo here and there is fine…we’re all human after all, but constant keyword stuffing? that’s a HUGE turnoff to your readers.

The Right Balance

The point is that you need to find the right balance between including a keyword and not writing a post for that keyword.

I usually only target one keyword per page, and almost never target more than two keywords on any single page. Not only that, but I will often write posts that don’t target any “SEO content” at all, but simply because I feel it’s a topic that needs to be covered.

I also recommend you include your target keyword in the title of your page or post, and then at least once in the main text. Then forget about it and write whatever it is you want to for the rest of the post.

If these concepts are new to you, you may want to check out this free marketing training to get a better idea of proper search marketing practices.