learn_to_make_extra_money_in_your_spare_timeIf you need to make extra money your spare time is extremely valuable.

While there’s no single ‘get rich quick’ method that will solve all of your problems in a day or a week, the truth is that there are tons of opportunities to make extra money in your spare time online.

By leveraging a few spare minutes here and an extra hour there you can build a long term, profitable revenue source. Click here for a free training.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Set Clear Goals

One problem many people have when first starting out online is that they have vague objectives and no clear set of resources they’re willing to use to work towards those objectives.

“Making extra money” is not a good goal, because it gives you nothing to focus on and no way to measure your progress. Does earning 1 penny count? What about $100? What about $10,000?

The problem is that as you grow your earnings, without a clear goal in mind you’ll still long for more, which leaves you feeling as if you haven’t accomplished anything.

Step 2: List Available Resources

Resources come in the form of both time and money. Too often, people focus only on the financial aspect of the equation and neglect to consider what the value of their time is when they’re working on a new project.

It’s easy to get sucked into any project and spend countless hours (or even money) thinking that the solution is “just around the bend.”

Instead, you need to be clear about how much money and how much time you’re willing to invest in building your business, and then stick to those numbers.

Examples of Specific Make Money Online Goals and Resources

  • By January of next year, I want to be earning $2,000 a month working 8-10 hours a week.
  • After working 30 hours a month for 6 months I want to have a website that earns $500 per month
  • In 3 years I want to own a portfolio of websites that bring in $10,000 or more per month, while working 20 hours per week.

Each of these is a specific, actionable, and realistic aim. Once you write down these goals, feel free to share them below in the comments section so you can get feedback about how to achieve them!

Step 3: Commit To Your Plan

Once you have your goals in place, it’s time to make the commitment to developing your business.

The number 1 reason people fail to earn money online is because they do not commit to developing the project all the way through.

While you can start earning money after a month or two, you need to set a timeline that is at least 6 months or more before deciding whether or not your project was successful.

Once you’re committed, you know how much you’re going to work and what you’re working for, you’ll have the grounding necessary to be successful.

To me, part of that drive involves making sure you give yourself the knowledge and training necessary to meet your objectives, so it’s important to work with a good training program when you’re first starting out.

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