free resources to learn affiliate marketingIf you want to learn to make money with affiliate marketing, there are a lot of free resources you can choose from.

In this post, I’m going to go through the top 3 free resources you need that will help you transform your affiliate marketing business from a hobby website to a full time income faster than you’ll believe.

They’re all free, so you have absolutely no excuse not to check out each and every one of them.

Free Guide

Firstly, in order to be really successful with affiliate marketing, you’re going to need a comprehensive beginner’s guide.

There are a ton of these out there, but I’m going to take this opportunity to do a shameless plug:

I’ve recently put together an awesome beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing, which is meant to be a sort of “pre-resource” for anyone curious about starting an affiliate site but doesn’t know where to begin.

I go into detail about what affiliate marketing is and how to take advantage of it, as well as some of the nitty gritty details that will give you a glimpse into a day in the life, so that you can decide if this is something that’s worth pursuing.

While personally I think this is a business model that can work for a wide variety of people, your success is going to be contingent upon it being right for you. So, in the guide I spend a fair amount of time going through how you can decide if it’s a business you’ll actually enjoy being involved in.

Free Keywords

Once you have the basics down, the next thing you’ll need in order to succeed is access to some awesome keyword software.

Fortunately, the best keyword tools have gone down significantly in price over the last few years, and there’s now a couple of good free options on the market.

My personal favorite is, which lets you input a word or phrase and will spit out up to 750 variations, extensions, and other ideas for that phrase, all of which come from Google’s own data about highly searched terms.

It focuses purely on search volume and common, related phrases, and doesn’t consider competition. If you’re looking to compare competition, I also recommend Jaaxy. You can click here to get a free trial of that tool as well.

Free Course

Finally, perhaps the most important resource you’ll need is to signup for an affiliate marketing course.

Fortunately, two of the best beginner-intermediate courses are available for free! You can click here to see my top choice for getting started.

If you follow along with those trainings, you’ll be on your way to running a profitable online affiliate business in no time.

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