make_100_dollars_dayHave you dreamed about how to make 100 dollars day in and day out?

The reality is that you can achieve that goal and more while while working on your schedule and from the comfort of your home.

In this post I’ll look at the math behind how to make 100 dollars per day, so that you have a glimpse of how much you’ll need to work and what you’re going to need to do to get going.

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How to Make 100 Dollars/Day

To give you an idea of what you’ll need to do to hit that $100 a day goal, here are 5 different scenarios of how you might make money online.

Scenario 1: The Adsense Model

The first scenario is to use Google Adsense. Adsense is the publisher half of the Google ads equation, in which you as a site owner place ads on your website and are paid if one of your users clicks on the ad. Exactly how much you are paid varies, since Google will display different ads based on what it thinks an individual user wants to see.

With the Adsense, blog-based model, you’re going to get an initial revenue burst from a new post (assuming you have some followers), plus some residual income from every page you have on your site.

Let’s assume you have a $0.25 initial burst, followed by a $.01 per page residual stream. These numbers are realistic averages based on my and others’ experiences for an optimized site.

If you write 1 post per day you will have reached the following income levels:

  • After 1 month: 30 posts. $0.55 per day.
  • After 6 months: 180 posts. $2.05 per day.
  • After 1 year: 365 posts. $3.90 per day.

That’s not very much money, and you can see why many bloggers are frustrated with their income. Over time, your revenue numbers will increase, but even if we triple the revenue per post, it’s not very attractive.

  • After 1 month: $1.65 per day
  • After 6 months: $6.15 per day
  • After 1 year:  $11.70 per day

At this rate, it will take you more than 10 years to start earning $100/day. Let’s look at scenario 2, using affiliate commissions.

Scenario 2: $5 Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate sites offer a much greater potential for return on investment than the standard adsense model.

Let’s use the following logic: if you promote a product for which you receive a $5 commission (a $100 physical product from Amazon, or maybe a $10 digital product with a high commission rate). If your site is targeted, you might expect a conversion rate of 5% of your total traffic. The numbers look like this:

  • 1,000 visitors per month = 50 sales = $250 per month, or a little under $1 per day.

That means you’d need roughly 100,000 visitors per month to make 100 dollars/day from your site. If that seems like a lot of traffic, it is, but it’s definitely doable. If you follow a good training program, like the one provided by Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a very reasonable goal.

And, consider that a $5 commission is extremely low. It’s easy to find programs that offer $20-100 commissions per sale, and even more for recurring subscription programs.

Scenario 3: $20 Recurring Affiliate Commissions

Finally, let’s look at the magic of recurring commissions. If you promote a product for which you receive a repeat affiliate commission for secondary purchases, such as a subscription-based model, the numbers grow much more quickly.

Again, let’s use a 5% conversion rate.

  • Month 1: 1,000 visitors per month = 50 sales = $1,000 per month, or $30 per day.
  • Month 2: 1,000 visitors per month + 50% re-sale rate from month 1 = 75 sales $1500 per month, or $50 per day.
  • Month 6: 1,000 visitors per month + 50% re-sale rate from months 1-6 = 200 sales = $4000 per month, or $130 per day!

The power here is in leveraging the fact that a significant percentage of your sales will re-convert in future months. This greatly increases your earnings over time, since each month you will not only add new sales, but leverage previous sales to earn more money! This is what makes affiliate marketing so powerful.

I know these numbers sound incredible, but there are plenty of success stories to prove it works.

Putting it Together and Taking Action

I hope these examples help illustrate how earning $100 per day is a realistic and achievable aim if you structure your site correctly and target the right products to sell.

One point to consider with these examples is that each one assumed that only one product is being promoted on the site. Realistically, you’ll have multiple products and multiple forms of revenue coming in, so your site can grow more quickly.

Getting to the point where you make 100 dollars day in and day out is achievable, but it does take a lot of work if you’re just starting out. The key is simply to take consistent action! Click here to learn how to get started.

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