When you base your business around earning revenue by providing free information, the wealth of content already out there can be discouraging. How, exactly, is your free information going to provide a healthy ROI when there are so many other options?

Here are a few tips to make free blog content that stays ahead of the curve:

Understand your Audience

Readers are people too.

I’m always amazed by how many bloggers seem to forget that their users are real human beings. Just like you, when they’re searching for information they want to find real, credible sources they can engage with.

That means that your job as an online marketer is not simply to write on the latest, greatest trends, nor to write what you think people need to hear before buying a product.

Your job is to write what people want to read. If you can connect with your audience, they’re far more likely to come back as a repeat reader. Repeat readers are more likely to feel the information is trustworthy, and ultimately more likely to convert.

Be Genuine

Trust is the most valuable asset.

With soooo much content already out there, readers are often over-sold on products and services they don’t need. You’re far better off being completely honest about your thoughts and opinions. Honesty and openness is easy to spot, and if your content is genuine, it’s going to stand out from the hordes of others out there.

Think about it this way: would you try to sell a bad product to a friend or colleague just to make a few bucks? Chances are you wouldn’t, because you wouldn’t want to risk the relationship you have with that person.

The same goes for your online audience. Talk to your readers as you would a friend or colleague, so that they will come to value you as a colleague as well.

Add Media

Visual media is more powerful than you might expect.

Hundreds of professional studies and millions of online clicks indicate that people respond far better to visual imagery than text-based imagery, especially online. Be sure to include photos and, if you can, videos into your content.

Media-rich website will not only rank better in Google, but they’ll also keep visitors on your site longer and increase the chance of repeat visits.

Whichever technique you use (and I recommend incorporating all three!) the key is to focus on your reader. If you provide content that the readers wants and needs and present that content in a way that is easy to digest, you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from the overwhelming majority of sites that are already out there.

In other words: don’t worry about your competition, worry about your content!!!