Traffic to your websiteWe all know that more traffic equals more money online, right?

Well, let me rephrase that. We’ve all heard that more traffic equals more money online, but is that common belief actually true?

In this post I’ll look at what’s true and what isn’t about how your traffic translates to dollars.

Why Traffic Equals More Money Online

First, I’ll start with the common belief.

Traffic equals more money.

The logic is simple: if I make $100 per thousand visitors and I have 10,000 visitors, I make $1,000. If I have 20,000 visitors, I make $2,000. Easy, right?

Well…sort of.

I think that this statement is fundamentally misleading, mainly because NOT ALL TRAFFIC IS CREATED EQUAL.

It’s possible to buy millions of clicks at less than a penny apiece. While 1 millions clicks certainly sounds enticing, it doesn’t necessarily translate into any activity.

What happens when 90% of those clicks bounce (leave immediately) and another 8% stay for only a few seconds and then drop-off? Mass-traffic approaches like ultra-cheap clicks often lead to only 1-2% of the traffic being real, which gives you far less earning potential than social or pull marketing tactics.

That’s why it’s important to use a proven method for getting targeted traffic, like the one provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

Instead, perhaps we should say that real, targeted traffic equals more money, but even this isn’t always true.

Optimized Revenue Strategies Equal More Money

Even given that we’re talking about the same quality, targeted traffic, more isn’t necessarily how your business is going to grow.

You can also increase your earnings by optimizing your revenue strategy for your site.

For example, if you have a site that only uses PPC ads to make money, you might make $10 per thousand visitors. More traffic will equal more money, but still at this low revenue per user number.

Instead, your best bet at drastically increasing your earnings probably isn’t to increase your traffic by 10x, but to increase your revenue per user by 10x.

You can easily get that $10 per thousand up to $50 and likely $100 per thousand by incorporated targeted affiliate campaigns, email list creation, and a host of other tactics.

If you’re looking to increase your site earnings, click here for more information how, or see an example of how a simple change made me $1,000.