Category: Registrar/Hosting Provider

Rating: Recommended

Price: Domains from $4, Hosting from $3/month

Namecheap is one of the leading providers of domain registration services as well as comprehensive hosting plans. I’ll break this review into 3 sections, one for each of the company’s primary services.

Namecheap Registrar Review

Namecheap is perhaps best known for their registrar service, being a strong source of domains at very low prices. And, by far, I think this is where they excel the most.

Namecheap’s domain registration system is simple to use, low-hassle, and almost always comes up with the best price around. In my experience, I find that for high-quality domains (like .com and .co domains), Namecheap consistently outperforms GoDaddy on price, though GoDaddy often has cheaper options for the lower-quality domains (like .biz domains, for example).

When considering a registrar, price is pretty much my only main consideration, since you only ever have to use your registrar to a) buy the domain, and b) setup the DNS. Namecheap’s system makes it easy to do both, and the company is backed by a strong history of satisfied users.

Aces in my book.

Namecheap Hosting Review

The other strong point for Namecheap is their hosting system. They offer a wide variety of options starting from as little as $3 a month.

While most registrars often provide some sort of hosting upgrade, I think Namecheap stands ahead of the pack by offering a full suite of options that start at a very low price.

My main hesitation with Namecheap hosting is that there aren’t as many ‘extras’ included in the basic package, and they charge extra for a few pesky little things like transfers.

The more advanced hosting features is only available after upgrading, in which case you’d be better off going with a dedicated hosting provider, like Arvixe.

For a simple, budget option, however, Namecheap hosting is tough to beat.

Namecheap OnePager Review

In addition to their registration and hosting services, Namecheap also provides an all-in-one site builder, designed to get your site up and running as quickly as possible.

Personally, I always find myself a little frustrated with these types of site-builders, because I can only ever seem to “almost” accomplish what I want, and the process of using their system comes with a bit of a learning curve. However, I am fairly technical and understand how to code, so my perspective is a little different than a non-coder.

The OnePager system is great if you are a non-technical person, and want all of the nitty gritty aspects of building a webpage done for you. This comes at the cost of using customizable templates, but can be an extremely fast, easy, and affordable way to get your business’ site up and running.

If your site is going to be a few page, static site, OnePage can be a good option to use. For example, if you run a small business and the purpose of your website is primarily to provide information to your customers and/or give your customers a way to contact you.

Plans start at $39, and include hosting.

A good deal for getting simple sites live quickly.


Namecheap is a great company to use for domains, and (along with GoDaddy), one of my go-to options for registering new sites. From a purely domain-centric perspective, the service is excellent and

Namecheap is a good option to use for hosting if you want a simple, budget plan. For most users, and especially most new sites, this level of hosting is more than sufficient, and will take care of your needs. If you do need more advanced hosting, however, I’d look elsewhere.

Namecheap’s OnePager is a good option if you want to build a simple site quickly. The system is geared towards the non-technical person, but does require a little practice getting used to arranging elements on the page.

The most important thing when considering any of these options is simply to get started. Check out the site, buy a domain, and start working on your site today!