make_extra_money_side_incomeIf you’re looking to make extra money side income from an affiliate business is one real way you can build a sustainable revenue stream over time.

Unlike many “make money online” programs, affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, but rather a real way to build a business in your spare time, letting you tap into a $4.5 billion affiliate market.

In this post I’ll give you a short glimpse into how to build a profitable internet marketing business, as well as where you can find more free information to get started.

How To Make Extra Money On the Side with an Affiliate Business

If you’re unfamiliar with how affiliate marketing works, the basics are pretty straightforward:

You build a website that is targeted towards a specific niche (topic), and write content for that website that generates recurring traffic over time.

The website can be about almost anything you want, but it needs to be targeted in order to promote a product, so that you can earn money by recommending different products to your users.

Affiliate websites make money because companies are willing to pay for new customers and referrals.

Like a commission-based sales job, affiliate websites earn money when a user buys one of the products you promote on your site.

What To Expect

I want to be clear: you will not earn money overnight with an affiliate website. If you’re desperate for a paycheck ASAP, this is not the right business for you.

An affiliate business will take a few months before you start to see any income, but once you get through that initial hurdle, you can expect to see lots of growth in income over time.

The magic of an affiliate business is that every piece of content you create compounds to produce a stable stream of passive, recurring income that will pay you dividends for years!

That means that if you start working on your site today, in a few months you could have a business that earns $500 a month in side income, and in a year that could grow to several thousand a month! Since you keep building on your previous work, every new article you write will only help to grow your traffic and earnings.

Not bad for something you can do in your spare time!

Where To Start

There are a lot of great materials out there, but if you’re still just tinkering with the idea of starting an internet marketing business, I recommend you sign up for this free course.

You’ll learn how to choose a profitable topic, start your website, and begin to rank in the search engines and generate traffic.

You’ll also get access to an awesome and supportive community, so you can ask any questions you have and be confident that every step you take is working to lay the groundwork for your success.

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