niche profit classroom previewIn this post I’m going to give you a Niche Profit Classroom Preview that gives a detailed overview of the program.

The Niche Profit course is actually a really great program, and makes it onto my top 5 if you’re looking to buy an affiliate marketing course.

Unfortunately, I’m really disappointed by the lack of information the program gives you before signing up.There’s a long video telling the founder’s personal story, grabbing your attention by making you distrust every other course, and then slowing piquing your imagination earnings promises.

The first time I saw it  I thought it felt, well…like a scam.

But, I make my living off of internet marketing and the niche profit course kept resurfacing. Eventually I caved and decided it might be worth trying. Here’s the information I wish I’d had before I did.

Niche Profit Classroom Preview: The Approach

Niche profit classroom takes the assembly-line approach to online marketing. It’s based on the idea that the key to success in the affiliate world is building multiple hyper-niche sites. If you can build one site that reliably earns $50 or $100 a month, why can’t you build 30, or 300?

This leads to 2 key principles that surface throughout the course:

  1. Success is small, but scalable through site-diversification.
  2. Anything that can be automated, should be automated.

What’s Included in the Niche Profit Course

Customizable Software Tools

The main advantage NPC has over the other courses out there is that the course takes a software-based approach to developing websites. In order to build sites at the rate and scale advocated in the course, you need to be able to leverage extensive automation.

The software provided is extensive, and the program is worth trying just to get a feel for the tools available.

Step-by-Step Instruction

NPC also goes into plenty of detail about how to go about implementing the principles and techniques on your own.

The course is thorough and complete. For beginners, it’s an excellent introduction to building hyper-niche sites, but I can’t say I had any amazing revelations from the material provided.

Extensive Forum and Support

Like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama Blueprint, my other favorite training programs, NPC includes a strong forum and support network. You’re guaranteed to have your questions answered and working alongside other members gives a nice community-support feel.niche_profit_course_preview

Is the Niche Profit Course Worth It?

My answer: It depends on your experience.

If you’re totally new to affiliate marketing, the niche profit classroom provides an excellent grounding in the principles of affiliate marketing and a very good overview of the steps you have to take.

My favorite aspect of the site is that throughout the course expectations are rooted in the reality that online marketing requires a lot of hard work to set up and get going, but once you do, it’s relatively easy to earn profits.

For intermediate marketers (if you’ve built multiple profitable sites and are earning a few hundred dollars a month or more), the course instruction will not prove as valuable. The software included, however, is definitely worth trying.

At the very least, I recommend you sign up for the $1 trial. You can work through the materials and use the automation tools risk-free, with no obligation to buy the full membership later.

Overall, Niche Profit Classroom provides a complete introduction to affiliate marketing, and is one of the better training programs out there.