avoid perfectionism in order to earn money through bloggingIf you want to learn how to earn money through blogging, there are tons of great programs and resources out there that can teach you the ins and outs of blog marketing.

To be successful at any of them, however, there’s one thing you absolutely must avoid.

This one thing will stop you from making money online, and could cause you to lose control of your self-direction and risk your financial future.

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What To Avoid

So, what is this devilish trap?


Perfectionism is a huge killer of internet income dreams.

It stops people from getting started. It convinces them they’ll never be good enough. And, for those that already have a site, it keeps them from completing the daily tasks they need to do in order to make real money online.

Nothing Is Perfect

When was the last time you read a perfect blog post?

Probably never.

There are tons of good blogs, but nothing is ever perfect. Not only that, but users don’t even need to see perfection in order to trust your content.

You can get away with an occasional typo or broken link, just so long as the core of your content is good and you consistently produce the best work you’re capable of.

Think of it this way: if you’re watching the evening news and the anchor misspeaks, do you turn off the tv and ignore the news for the rest of your life?

The same is true with online marketing: it’s the core intent of your content that will capture a reader’s attention and retain that reader over time.

 The Key To Pushing Through

You can read this post on my personal journey, but basically I procrastinated for years before convincing myself that it was possible to make a living online.

What I wish I’d known then was that the only way to get over those perfectionist impulses is to take small steps. Bit by bit, each and every day, you’ll be able to convince yourself that your dreams are possible.

You’ll find solutions to any problem you face, and be able to starting earning the income you deserve.

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