practice_blog_writingHow do you know if the content you write is good? How can you improve it?

These are two questions that every content marketers faces. Unfortunately, these are also two questions that prevent many people from realizing their dreams of developing a healthy, sustainable niche site for their business.

The good news, however, is that by practicing blog writing, you can increase your confidence level and improve your future posts.

No Blog is Perfect

The first point to keep in mind is that no one is perfect.

Even highly professional blogs occasionally release content that has mistakes in spelling, grammar, factual accuracy, or simply poor writing. While you should obviously strive to maintain and improve your post quality with every post, you can’t get hung up on an ambiguous notion of perfection.

The important point is to keep going despite these imperfections.

Some Posts Are Better than Others

In addition to perfectionism, another problem that plagues many new internet marketers is the drive to make each post better than the last.

While you should strive for this over time, (that is, you should work to find new ways to improve your skills as a blogger) some posts will be better than others.

Look at your current blog topic list. Chances are you can pinpoint which posts will naturally be longer and which shorter. Some topic areas take more effort, require longer, more descriptive, and more engaging content than others. So don’t fret if your 300-word post doesn’t quite compare to that 700-word, well-documented epic you produced yesterday.

Writing Gets Easier Over Time

Finally, like any habit, your blog skills will improve over time. As your skills improve, you’ll find that writing will get easier.

If you practice your craft, you’ll find it’s easier to “get into the flow” of producing content, since you’ll have internalized the rhythm of a solid blog format and have a better sense how to tailor your posts to the topic at hand, then expand on the ideas in future posts.

This process is natural, and the amazing thing is that the simple act of writing will help develop it. That will lead you to write more efficiently and even avoid writer’s block, since your practice will evolve techniques that work for you to cope with these challenges.

This is why I encourage you to think about blogging as a skill or practice that is constantly changing and improving over time.

Practice writing and publishing a post everyday, because its the small, consistent actions that will lead you to eventual success.