searching_for_legitimate_home_based_business_ideasI was once in your shoes.

For almost two years, I had this crazy thought that it was possible to earn a living online by building a business on my terms. I knew there were legitimate home based business ideas out there. I just had to find them.

So, I spent endless hours of my spare time researching different ways to make money online.

Did it make me successful? No.

What made me successful was having the confidence and faith that I could succeed online, and then taking the necessary actions to get there.

Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas Are Everywhere

Here’s the secret: making money online is easy. You can do it from anywhere, working any hours you please, and you can even do it in any industry you choose.

Legitimate ideas are literally everywhere.

But, to be successful, you can’t just pick any random idea you find online. Googling a list of possibilities won’t help you.

That’s because the trick is to find the one that’s right for you. If you build a business that’s based off of your own personal passions, you’ll have the motivation and confidence necessary to succeed.

Want to talk about urban gardening? Go for it.

What about the best types of child seats for toddlers? Excellent.

Those are both real opportunities. And there are millions more.

Write Down 5 Passions

Right now. Go grab a pen or open Evernote in a separate window. Think about 5 things you love to do. From sports to parenting to healthy eating, it doesn’t matter.

You just have to genuinely enjoy doing it and learning about it. Your best ideas are going to come from your heart.

If you can’t think of anything (really? You have no passions, interest, or hobbies?) just look at your browser history and see what you’ve been searching for in the last week or two.

You’ll have endless legitimate home business ideas that make sense for you!

If you don’t do it now, you never will.

How Do You Know You’ll Succeed?

If you’re skeptical as to why almost anything can be turned into an online business, you should read this post on how affiliate marketing works.

The point is: there are a few easy to learn skills you’ll need to develop and then you can apply them to almost any topic.

Affiliate marketing is a real, $4+ BILLION dollar industry, and there are ample success stories of everyday people, like you and me, who have started real business from their laptops.

If you don’t believe me, you can sign up for this free community and intro course and see for yourself.