second_affiliate_siteAs an affiliate marketer, it is tempting to dive into new sites without considering in detail whether it’s the right step for you at the time.

Many people think that the second or third site they build will be easier and more successful, simply because they’ve already built one site and thus know what it takes to scale the business.

In my opinion, however, too many people start off on their second site too early in the process, and haven’t fully appreciated the long term commitment involved in running a profitable online business.

Here are a few points to consider if you’re trying to determine if you should start a second affiliate site.

Assess Your Workload

The first and most important element to consider is whether or not you can handle the additional workload of a second site. Remember that you will need to be developing your second site in addition to your first affiliate site, so your workload will more or less double.

While the work involved in maintaining a site can drop over time, it is not a good idea to abandon your first site while you work on building a second one. Consistency is key, so you don’t want to drop the ball.

Make sure you create a clear plan for how you will adjust to the new workload. Practice implementing this plan for a week. If you think you can continue that work in the months to come, starting a second site can be a good idea.

Think Long Term

This point complements the workload aspect. Online businesses should be designed for the long haul.

If you have an extra few hours now and for the next two months, but then anticipate having less time after that, starting a second site might not be something you can realistically do.

You need to think about your business in terms of what else you’ll have on your plate over the next few years, not just the next few weeks or months. The second site will require a budget, just as the first site did, so resources are both tim and money.

Consider Profitability

Lastly, it’s important to think about the profitability of your current site before you begin a second. If your first site isn’t profitable, what makes you think your second site will be?

On the other hand, if your first site is profitable, why is it better to replicate the process with a second site as opposed to simply expanding the original site?

I’m not saying that one approach is better than the other, but it’s important to at least recognize the different options you have for scaling your affiliate business before you decide on a path to take.