Want to know the secret about finding the top paying affiliate program? Want to double, triple, or even quadruple your earnings just by changing a few links?

Good! Listen closely and I’ll tell you a secret…

The #1 Top Paying Affiliate Program is You.


Let me explain.

Firstly there is no #1 affiliate program. There can’t be, thanks to the efficient market hypothesis. If there were, everyone would gravitate towards that program, the program would become saturated, and other companies would fight to create an even better program.

Sure, there are some companies that offer better deals than others, and I work hard to find them and talk about them elsewhere on the site (for starters you might want to see the Best Affiliate Sites – What To Look For, or Affiliate Programs Beginners Need to Know About articles), but no one can guarantee you that any one program will be your best program.

Your top paying affiliate program is your own website.

Customer conversion begins early.

Very early. Long before a user has even gotten to the partner site. Your job as an online marketer is to make that process as short and easy as possible.

From an affiliate perspective, that means that the onus is on your site to start to convince the user to buy the product. That doesn’t mean your site should be full of strong, “sales-ey” content, but instead means that your site design and affiliate revenue plan need to go hand in hand.

Customers buy relevant products.

It doesn’t matter if you find a product that pays you a 99% commission on every sale (though if you do let me know!), trying to sell products that have nothing to do with the site content will be a hard slog.

One of my favorite aspects of affiliate marketing is that we get to sell products without feeling like we’re selling products. Use that to your advantage. Get the user excited about a topic, and the resulting sale will come more easily.

Optimization is key.

You control your website, not the purchasing website. It is your responsibility to understand your users so you can provide them with relevant content. If you try to sell them something they’re not looking for, chances are your conversion rates will plummet, no matter how good the end partner-site is.

Not only that, but you’ll risk alienating and losing your reader base if you force products down their throat.

The beautiful thing is: you have ample opportunity to refine your affiliate links and increase sales just by learning about your own site. You can leverage your site analytics (Google or otherwise) to your advantage by constantly iterating, testing, and improving site layout, link placements, and page design.

If you optimize your site, over time your users will feel that your affiliate links are a natural extension of the site itself, and the purchasing process becomes seamless, which translates to faster, more consistent sales.