10_best_affiliate_program_sourcesThere are lots of affiliate programs out there. While some companies will run individual programs, the majority have programs that are are run through larger, established affiliate networks.

In this post I’ll give you my personal list of the 10 best affiliate program sources.

I gravitate to these sources for one of two reasons, either they are excellent aggregators that make it easy to search for high value offers and products, or they’re actual affiliate networks that I can use to sell products.

Either way, these are sites you need to find good offers for your affiliate business.

10 Best Affiliate Program Sources, In No Particular Order

  1. LinkShare. One of my favorite sources for products. Good reporting and easy payments, though the search feature is a little difficult, you’re better off browsing unless you know the exact name of a brand.
  2. ShareASale. Huge network with lots of products.
  3. Amazon. Everyone knows about Amazon’s affiliate program, but it needs to be mentioned anyway. An undeniable leader in, well…almost everything.
  4. Walmart. Walmart is like Amazon: they sell everything from toothpaste to TVs, and their online presence is more advanced than you might have guessed. It’s great for any physical product and there’s a good chance you’ll get ‘extra’ sales unrelated to your niche.
  5. CJ.com: Commissions Junction has moved past their older, controversial days to become the new CJ.com, a huge repository of affilaite programs.
  6. Clickbank. I have a love hate relationship with Clickbank, but it remains a huge source of products that are usually only available through their network, and is a great spot for small company or individual informational products.
  7. Offervault. Offervault is a great affiliate aggregator. You can search for specific products or browse by categories or price.
  8. Odigger. Like Offervault, this is a great aggregator of programs and offerings.
  9. Udemy. Udemy is an awesome resource for online courses, with tons of elearning options across a large number of niches.
  10. Google. For anything not covered by the above networks, Google is your friend. Click here to learn how to source affiliate products with Google.

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