10 biggest challenges new affiliate marketers faceIf you’re new to affiliate marketing you’re inevitably going to face a number of challenges and roadblocks along the way. That’s one of the main reasons I’m a strong advocate for joining an affiliate community when you’re first starting out.

I’m providing this list of biggest challenges new affiliate marketers face because I believe the best way to avoid major roadblocks is to know what problems you’re going to face before you encounter them, which gives you time to prepare and educate yourself.

The 10 Biggest Challenges for New Affiliate Marketers

  1. Choosing the right niche. Niche selection is a subtle art that takes practice to master. Chances are, the first niche you choose won’t be “perfect,” but don’t let this fact discourage you or hold you up. The most important thing is to get started with something you love and refine your concept later.
  2. Understanding competition. Most people don’t have a good grasp of what competition is with affiliate marketing. Unlike other businesses, you’re not trying to capture a huge percentage of the marketshare, you just need to find a few small holes you can peg. Sufficient traffic is more really available than you think.
  3. Buying and configuring a domain with hosting. The technical aspects of getting a website started is a hurdle that turns off many new marketers. Fortunately, technology today makes it simple to get started. You can read this post for more information.
  4. Installing WordPress. Once you have your domain configured, there’s one last technical barrier: getting WordPress up and running. Fortunately, this is simple with most hosting companies, and you can use this list of essential plugins to make sure you have everything just the way you want it.
  5. Finding good keywords. Keyword research is an essential skill you’ll need to master in order to be a successful affiliate. The goal is to find long tail keywords with low competition, regardless of the number of searches those keywords get. This means ignoring those enticing high volume phrases, which are far more difficult to rank for.
  6. Avoiding perfectionism. Perfectionism is a huge killer of new businesses. We all want our websites to be perfect, but the reality is that thinking about making things perfect from day 1 will just inhibit your progress. Internet marketing is about constant iteration and refinement according to your data, not hitting a grand slam the first time at bat.
  7. Writing high quality content. Content is the core of any affiliate business, so it’s important to learn the key principles involved in creating marketable, relevant posts that help your user.
  8. Writing engaging content. Engaging is different than high quality. Learning to lead your users gradually to action is a skill that will take time.
  9. Overselling or underselling. Many new affiliates either wind up spamming their users with promotional content (eg: putting multiple affiliate links on every page or constantly writing to promote) or writing content not related to a sale. To be successful, you’ll need to find a good balance that works for your niche.
  10. Getting through the early days. Finally, the last and biggest obstacle is simply getting through the early days. Your likely to see few results from your first few months’ of effort, which is completely normal and related to how websites grow over time. Don’t give up. Just keep going, and success will be waiting for you around the corner.

I hope this list helps you get through some of these key early obstacles. What are the biggest challenges you’re currently facing?

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