mistakes_affiliate_marketing_newbiesBecoming an expert at affiliate marketing is a process.

It’s understandable that affiliate marketing newbies are going to make a lot of mistakes.

My job is to try to provide you with enough information so that you don’t have to have the same trial and error process that so many others have gone through, and can start earning money faster and more efficiently.

Here are what I think are the 3 most common mistakes:

Biggest Mistakes By Affiliate Marketing Newbies

Not Understanding the Process

The first mistake affiliate marketing newbies make is that they often don’t fully understand the process of how affiliate marketing works and what their roles is within it.

Far too many beginners spend a lot of time either overselling a product or, on the other end of the spectrum, barely provide any links at all.

Another process-related mistake is when newbies misjudge where a customer is in the purchase lifecycle, and targeting a reader either too late or too early on in the process. For example, a blog about tips for using the iPhone is really geared for users who already have an iPhone, not those looking to buy.

It’ll be hard to make good commissions if the user already owns the product!

You can read my Ultimate How To Affiliate Marketing Guide for more information on understanding the process you need to work through to be successful.

Thinking There’s No Work Involved

The second major mistake newbies make is thinking that they don’t actually have to work in order to have a profitable website.

Except in rare cases, this is horribly untrue. The truth about passive income is that you need to put in the hours up front, in order to see the returns pay out later.

Even if you’re earning money from work you did a year ago, you still at one point did the work!

Not Committing to the Project

Finally, the third biggest mistake I see is with beginners who are hesitant to commit to their project.

This usually comes in the form of people who are intrigued by the possibilities of affiliate marketing, but aren’t convinced that it actually works.

It’s extremely important to be committed for at least 6 months of a new website, because that’s the time it takes most sites to start to gain real traction in the search engines and begin to pay out more consistent commissions.

Anything less than this and you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I hope these mistakes help you get on the road to online earnings much faster than you otherwise would have. If you’re curious about the process and what’s involved, you might be interest in this post on the quest for the best residual income, or this post on my life as an online marketer.

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