30 second affiliate marketing training beginners needWant to build an affiliate site but don’t know how?

This post gives a quick and dirty affiliate marketing training beginners can use to get a site up and running and aimed at profits immediately.

You can click here for a more detailed explanation in my affiliate marketing for dummies guide.

30 Seconds Begin…Now!

How To Make Money

Connect a brand to a consumer by solving common problems in any topic.

User reads your site, clicks link, and makes a purchase.

You make money. Win-win-win.

How To Get Traffic

Whatever your niche, do some keyword research using a tool like Jaaxy. You want to find low competition and high search volume.

Pick off the keywords one by one.

Setting A Plan

Follow this 6 week schedule.

Keep producing new content, and you’ll start seeing results soon.

If 30 Seconds Isn’t Enough

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Any questions?