affiliate_marketing_income_reportI don’t post actual earning figures often, but today’s post is going to be an actual affiliate marketing income report that shows you the potential earnings you can generate from running an affiliate marketing site or even a portfolio of niche sites.

I’m providing this report today because I know just how important it is to have as many facts and figures as possible when you’re just starting out. I know when I was first starting I was very skeptical and hesitant to join anything, so having a few case studies in hand might ease the barrier to entry many people face.

So here it is:

The Affiliate Marketing Income Report You’ve All Been Waiting For

This report is based on a site I manage. The site just passed the one year mark, so it seems an appropriate time for me to release these results.

I’m providing this mix because I want to show what normal site growth looks like over the first 12 months of a new project. With a little training and practice, you too could earn figures like these.

Site Niche: A Latin American Travel Website

Primary income: travel packages, cruises, flight and hotel bookings

Second income: Google Adsense

Month 1:    Traffic 43 visits       Earnings: $0

Month 2:    Traffic 111 visits     Earnings: $0

Month 3:    Traffic 462 visits     Earnings: $1.25

Month 4:    Traffic 555 visits     Earnings: $3.43

Month 5:    Traffic 524 visits     Earnings: $7.60

Month 6:    Traffic 1,679 visits   Earnings: $28.72

Month 7:    Traffic 2,754 visits   Earnings: $121.43

Month 8:    Traffic 4,456 visits   Earnings: $223.56

Month 9:    Traffic 5,920 visits   Earnings: $302.78

Month 10:   Traffic 6,830 visits  Earnings: $654.30

Month 11:   Traffic 7,784 visits  Earnings: $730.21

Month 12:   Traffic 8,345 visits  Earnings: $811.45

What To Notice About These Numbers

There’s a few things I want to point out about this data, and I’ve found that this is fairly typical of most new websites.

Site Traffic Growth

The first point to consider is simply the traffic growth. The traffic was fairly nominal during the first few months, and earnings were next to nothing. This is the period known as the sandbox, and getting through it is your first major test of developing a successful affiliate business. It can also be one of the most challenging hurdles to get through psychologically, if you’ve never done this before and are unsure what to expect later.

I posted a consistent 3-5 posts per week for this site, so by month 6 there were roughly 80 pages of high quality, unique content, and about 50 of those pages were targeted to specific, well-researched keywords. By month 12 those numbers had doubled to about 175 pages of content. Read more on new website traffic growth.

Revenue per Thousand Users

The second point to notice about this data is the revenue per thousand users. I didn’t include specific conversion percentages in this data (because I don’t want to get into details of how much I’m paid at each conversion in this post), but one thing you can notice is that between months 9 and 10 there was a big jump in revenue.

While traffic also increased from month 9 to 10, the real increase in earnings came from adjustments to the site layout and placement of affiliate links. This is because by the time I got to month 9, I had enough data to work with and decided my links weren’t performing as well as I’d hoped. This change approximately doubled my revenue per thousand.

You Too Can Achieve These Affiliate Income Results!

Again, these results are pretty standard for the first year of a new site. I could stop most of my work on this site, only post once a month or so to keep it active, and still expect to see this income for the next few years.

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing and passive revenue. You put in the work up front, and you get paid over the long term.

Of course, I intend to keep growing this site, and my guess is that I can expect a 10-20% increase monthly for the next few months. At some point I’ll hit another larger bump in traffic (like I did between months 5 and 6) and will be making well over $2,000 a month from an easy 3 posts a week.

If you’re ready to get started and work towards an affiliate marketing income report that looks like this one, the best thing you can do is take this free class from Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a comprehensive introduction to how to get started, with 10 video lessons and action items for each.

You CAN achieve similar results! Take action and get started affiliate marketing today!