affiliate marketing youtube strategyVideo marketing is one of the largest untapped markets available online today, and developing an affiliate marketing youtube strategy can be a huge factor in your blog’s success.

While many website owners “know” the importance of incorporating video into their sites, few actually do it, which leaves a gaping hole in many industries that’s just waiting to be filled.

A YouTube Strategy That Works

Think Keywords

I approach video marketing in much the same way that I approach my long tail keyword strategy.

I use a good keyword tool to find keywords that do not currently have any exact video matches, and then I create a short video explaining points related to that topic.

Focus On Quality

Just like your blog posts, it’s important that you only create videos that are worthy of your readers’ time.

Focusing on providing high quality content will take more time when it comes to producing the video, but will also have a higher payout in the long run.

In addition to the video featured in the post, I usually include a short blog post, which bolsters the content and gives me a better chance of ranking well in search.

One tip is to transcribe the video, providing a word for word (or at least a summary) of the video include

You can read more details on how to do that in this internet marketing training.

Finding The Balance

Let’s face it: video creation is a time-consuming process, and can be costly if you don’t know how to leverage your results.

For this reason, I’m usually very selective about which videos I choose to create, and target doing a couple of videos per month. They’re not everyday tasks like blog-updates are.

Finding the balance that works for your budget is key, since (as with any strategy), you’re going to want to develop a system that works in the long run.

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